WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE ALL MOTHER “Lead and Leather”

Track Of The Day  THE ALL MOTHER

Just popped up on Bandcamp, although released on other platforms at the end of 2023, “Lead and Leather” is the latest single from Sydney-based four-piece The All Mother, which should bring us to the long-awaited debut EP via independent label Colossus Records.

Toeing the line between Post-punk, Noise Rock and Industrial, the Australian band churns out a high-energy electrifying specimen built on a powerfully overflowing rhythm section, lacerating sharp-edged guitars and feverish and harrowing vocalizations.

The song rattles and rumbles underneath the ceaseless ground-shaking propulsion of a sweeping tumultuous drumming along with a tight churning bassline, stabbed by menacing swells of sizzling guitar distortion, and slicing out cacophonous wailing shards of high-pitched agonizing riffs, to fuel restless obsessive spoken word vocals, struggling and exploding into agonized screams under a heavy weight of oppressive forces.

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