WL//WH Track Of The Day : TERREMOTO “Mercy”

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Freshly formed in 2017, stretched out over two continents four-piece Terremoto [‘Earthquake’ in Italian] is the gloomy and dancey post-punk/new wave music project shared between Oakland, Bay Area based, Italian bred, Giacomo Zatti (of hardcore bands Odio and Tørsö) on drums and Chelsey Crowley (former Crimson Scarlet and half of synthpop duo Manfactory) on voice & synth, along with Melbourne, Australia based, half of dark anarcho-punk quartet Masses, James Blake on guitar, and Tessa Tribe on bass (also part of brat-beat punks Ubik as guitarist).

“The Bridge” is the title of their brand new debut 5-track 12” EP on Behind The Beat Records (Australia) and Symphony of Destruction Records (Europe), marked by an intriguing brand of post-punk that is both upbeat and gloomy, blending buoyant 80’s pop vocal melodies and up-beat new-wavish synths with driving brooding goth-tinged guitar and drums, while the bass provides the foreboding undercurrent of gloominess that permeates the end result.

“Mercy” is a song about love, longing, and the inability to express one’s feelings. Driven by melody-carrying pulsating basslines interwoven with spiky, dour at the same time alluring guitar chords backed by tight drum beats, yet ultimately fostered by the passionate and upset vocals resulting in something deeply unsettling yet uplifting. The woman in the song is lost, keeps to herself, and is scared to say what she feels. She is in a constant state of turmoil trying to decide what is best for her and it is killing her.

Terremoto‘s debut EP reflects the contrasting balance between dark and light, black and white, illusions and disillusions, in a handful of uncompromising but also accessible, gloomy and dancey, post-punk songs.

Great news! Terremoto will be touring their new 12″ EP in the U.S. in February 2019 and in Australia later in 2019.