WL//WH Track Of The Day: TERRA PINES “Pinos Altos”

WL//WH Track Of The Day  Terra Pines

Since their inception in 2015, Australian Grungegaze / Sludgepop 3-piece Terra Pines hailing from Brisbane, consisting of Kelly Hanlon (Guitar/Vocals), Owen Dengate (Guitar/Vocals) and Cameron Smith (Drums/Vocals), have constantly incorporated diverse elements and stylistic suggestions to their reverb-laden shoegaze sound, enriched with a lofty pop sensibility and intriguing vocal interactions, becoming more and more effective and distinctive, as clearly shown in their acclaimed 2018 self-titled debut album.

After more than three years the group, albeit we must not forget that Kelly plays also with Deafcult and Ancient Channels, as well as Cameron with Spirit Bunny, are slowly approaching the release of their sophomore LP ‘Downbeats’ due out September 2022 through False Peak Records, dropping their third single “Pinos Altos”.

Somewhere in between the six-string loud abrasiveness of the title track “Downbeats” and the dreamy and introspective tones of the previous “Harp On”, as proof of a band that hardly repeats itself, the new track blends contemplative and ethereal parts, hinting at the evocative and contemplative slowcore deception of Slint or Low, with a noisy, energetic and hazy wall of sound, establishing a powerful yet organic contrast, peppered with invigorating ’70s tinged vocal harmonies.

Pensive lyrics flounder in a warped universe where inversion and oppression lead to devastation, dread, and destruction.

“Pinos Altos” triggers intense, magnetic guitar arpeggios, wistful and sinister at the same time, that sparkle with crepuscular crystalline resonance over vibrant stumbling rhythms, saturated by warm corroborating sprawling layers of droning, blissed-out noisy distortion, weaved with insistent unhinged fuzzed-out riffs and excruciating wailing leads, whilst secretive, angsty dual vocals shift with painfilled screams and distant ghostly cries to overwhelm truth and consequence with heavy oppressive fear.

Terra Pines‘ second LP, “Downbeats”, is scheduled to be released on September 2022, via False Peak Records. 

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