WL//WH Track Of The Day: TENDER YOUTH “Hollow”

Track Of The Day Tender Youth

Discovered a few days late, “Hollow” is the title of the debut single from Copenhagen-based Tender Youth, a young Danish post-punk 4-piece, established in 2018, which finally, apparently after a long hard work, are on the verge of releasing their long-awaited self-titled debut EP scheduled for this Fall.

The quartet play a gloomy, bristling, emotionally charged post-punk sound with shoegaze edge, reminiscent of the same rousing energy of their fellow Iceage’ early period, echoes of Killing Joke and Joy Division / Warsaw, and the bristly melodicism of Shame and Stockholm’s Holograms from around a decade ago.

EP cover

“Hollow” is a vibrant, urgent and fierce combination of relentlessly unrestrained thunderous drum beats that rumble and judder along with pulsing punchy basslines, cut by scorching, razor-sharp guitar riffs and layers of chaotic sonic shrilling blare to harness intense feelings of dread and alienation, embodied by haunted, distressed male vocals soaring in an angst-ridden breathless agony of fear and uncertainty within a tumultuous inner struggle.

A single with a heap of immediacy and drive, carved in the Scandinavian ice that burns with passion, let’s keep an eye peeled for the EP.

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Photo by Sarah Majgaard / @sarahmajgaard