WL//WH Track Of The Day: TEMPOS DE MORTE “Dark City”

Track Of The Day Tempos De Morte

Pointed out to me in 2015 at the time of their debut s/t 5-tracker by a guy with ‘les cadavres’ as nickname, Brazilian 4-piece Tempos de Morte has returned with a brand new EP “Depression”, almost three years after their slightly more mature sophomore “Morte”, littered with urgent, dense, crackling dark post-punk sound, harking back the halcyon days of early 80s goth rock, leaving little room for reflection, with a relentless foot on the gas.

Minimal, sorrowful and claustrophobic “Dark City” blazes up propelled by unremitting, steady, tribal drums interlaced with sinuously pulsing sombre bassline, lifted by superbly evocative deathrock-infused searing guitar  resounding with sinister majesty, into a chaotic vortex of intensely impassioned turmoil enveloped in a poisoned haze of doom cut by submerged, droning female vocals, echoing in strong defiant anguish, steeped in anger and alienation.

The long hiatus has not been harmful as the new EP marks a significant leap forward for the band, back with more conviction and a more cohesive, sparkling and dynamic sound sharpened with driving edgy dark energy injected with irrepressibly dance-inducing thrusts.