WL//WH Track Of The Day: TEMPLE “Loveless”

Track Of The Day    TEMPLE

Minneapolis bread deathrockers Temple is a band we’ve always highly appreciated since their first appearance on the blog in 2018; now relocated to Portland, Oregon the threesome have announced a new 8-track full-length album “Submission”, the follow-up to the Temple’s excellent third LP “Self Ritual Torture” in November 2021, scheduled for release on  June 30, 2023, via Swiss Dark Nights.

One of the two teasers, the brooding post-break-up song “Loveless”, is one of the tracks that struck me the most last weekend, somehow recalling to me the visceral harrowing emotional charge of Gun Club, sizzles with shifting sharp and jagged guitar outbursts combined with deep, vibrant and plaintive vocalizations, to inject stirring layers of poignant and thrilling gothic magnetism.

“Loveless” is a dark romantic poem about the heartbreaking period, when a couple falls out of love, triggering intense anguish and suffering into a rush of tight urgent drumbeats along with a somberly sonorous, throbbing bassline, overlaid by ringing barrages of squalling and scything guitar distortion riffs, carved by frantically pain-filled whining strains, recklessly blazing a trail toward despair amid aching, hopeless vocal laments and  excruciating ripples from relentless echoing lovelorn obsessions.

Temple‘s new album, “Submission”, includes 6 brand new tracks + rewritten and rearranged versions of the band hits “Nausea” and “Grief”, will be physically available in digipack CD format (limited to 500 copies) & Digital on June 30, 2023, via Swiss Dark Night. Whilst a black 12″ Vinyl version with a lyrics insert will be available after the summer.

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