WL//WH Track Of The Day: TEENAGE SIN TASTE “A fine day”


Marseille-based Wil Garcia AKA Wil Sintaste is a longtime French musician active since the early 2000s, during the days of MySpace, as the guitarist of electro-shoegaze band Curl, with former members of Corpus Delicti and Cranes, and electro-pop outfit Rapido De Noir, along with collaborations with Les Modules Etranges and Alex Sindrome.

In his solo project Teenage Sin Taste, started in 2007, with a couple of albums and several EPs under his belt, he’s constantly able to range and merge multiple sonic elements with flair, walking the line between 80s post-punk and early 90s shoegaze combined with new wave, noise rock, electro and synthetic leanings, constantly enhanced with a bold slant for creative sound contaminations.

Thriving on adrenaline-fueled mechanical propulsion and a dizzying sense of numb, soaring disconnection, the new single “A fine day” unleashes a powerful tight, rhythmic drive heightened by deep droning bass oscillations pounding hectically, furrowed by penetrating and alarming, deep guitar reverberations and icy dazzling swirling synths atop restrained, both contemplative and aloof male vocals drowning in disillusioned pain under the mesmeric toxic tide of deception.

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