WL//WH Track Of The Day: TECHNOPHOBIA “Rattle In Your Chest”

Track Of The Day  Technophobia

Even if born in 2013, Washington DC duet Technophobia only in 2016 released their well-received debut LP “Flicker Out” replete with their distinctive, equally analog and organic, melodic and dark electro-pop with darkwave and industrial leanings.

While continuing a live activity over the years by promoting and developing their Working Order Records nonprofit organization and its related charity efforts, just now Katie and Stephen Petix have announced the release of a series of singles leading up to the band’s long-awaited sophomore album “Some of Us Are Looking at the Stars”, the first of which is the powerful and motivational “Rattle In Your Chest”.

Captivating and darkly emotional electronic number, however, stripped down of any funeral aura, whose visceral inner energy is injected into seething and turbulent arrhythmic impulses that rattle, pound and clash along with a droning throbbing synth bassline, building indissoluble connections with a beautifully haunted female vocals that rise and fall in fierce emotional determination regarding current social struggles on the verge of awareness.

The Official Lyric Video refers to the irrational fear of modern technology, as Nature’s majesty gasps aerial views floating weightless across the forest plain on an urgent quest for change, while lyrical subtitles reflect a child’s gaze toward tall, spinning treetop dreams.

Technophobia‘s second full-length “Some of Us Are Looking at the Stars” is slated for release on December 4, 2020, in Digital/CD/Coloured Vinyl 12″ formats, with pre-orders already available on Bandcamp.

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Video notes by Catt Gilette