WL//WH Track Of The Day : TEARFUL MOON “I Love You More Than Death (Demo Version)”

The talented duo of lovers, based in Houston, Texas, Tearful Moon are back with a demo version of a brand new track titled “I Love You More Than Death.”
A project based on the commanding voice of Sky Lesco, whose words are like poetry, and the machine wizardry of Manuel Lozano, crafting a synth-laden darkwave laced with melody, sensuality, emotions, mysteries, and darkness.
“I Love You More Than Death” is an immersive love song about a woman so fascinated and obsessed with a man she wants to fulfill all her dreams with him, both sexually and and mentally.
The all encompassing feelings of passion and desire are evoked by relentlessly tense gloomy pulses of thick groovy basslines and hard-hitting and tight synthetic beats. The tormented and manic vocals, amidst eerie swathes of cold synths, burst of overwhelming and unrestrained ardent love, ready to drop all and run to him just at the call of her name. 
Intense, hypnotic, mysterious, disturbing and pleasantly danceable, far more than just a demo.
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