WL//WH Track Of The Day: TAUBSTUMM “Vogelzug”

Track Of The Day     Taubstumm   

Taubstumm is a new band from Vienna, Austria, with a minimal and straightforward approach to composition and arrangement, but no less intense and profound, made of guitar, bass and drums endlessly interact, to weave an atmospheric, poignant and tightly-wound take on the ’80s inspired post-punk, which episodically takes off in pent-up aching intensity without ever overflowing, replete with brooding melancholy and unforgiving gloom, enshrouded in stifling harnesses of shadow and gray.

The trio have just dropped their self-released debut EP “Druck”, with 3 tracks overall of the same quality level, from which our pick is “Vogelzug / Bird Migration”.

Inexorably lead by hypnotic and swishing off-tempo drum beats that punctuate a funereal warbling bass line pulsating and resounding ceaselessly, injecting stark layers of cold desolation and pain, while angsty guitar chords and glistening whining chimes of sadness dimly light up distant, distressed male vocals dripping impassioned, haunted emotions into the foreboding tides of change.

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