WL//WH Track Of The Day: TAN COLOGNE “Baja”

Track Of The Day  TAN COLOGNE  

Originated out of the conjunction between the kindred sensibilities of Lauren Green and Marissa Macias, to found their idyllic roots in Northern New Mexico, Tan Cologne draws sensorial, organic and cinematic atmospheric soundscapes, hovering between blurry abstraction and vivid imagery, with a spectral outline, blending elements of reflective Dream Pop shimmers, hazy Shoegaze textures, cosmic Kraut/Psychedelic perceptions and ghostly desert Folk expanse, permeated by an indissoluble, yet haunted, contemplative melancholic aura, to spellbind and magnetize the aural senses.

Following last year’s instrumental ambient third album, “Pescetrullo (soundscapes)”, the duo is back in the new year with the new single “Baja”, as usual via Labrador Records

“Baja” was recorded partially at a music residency in Baja, Mexico (El Ganzo Records) and in Taos, New Mexico. A chill, breezy song intended for relaxing and envisioning beach to desert landscapes. We renamed this song 4 times but we decided to go with “Baja” to honor the landscape there. Premonitions of a dome of light under Earth and landforms melting into dust.

To capture the landmass between Baja, Mexico and Taos, New Mexico, an entrancing oneness with the Universe poem casts a lysergic sunset over a desert beachscape.

“Baja” stirs a mesmerising sun-dappled harmonic billow cocooned in droning breezes, where a persistent reverb-drenched sway lulls, like the most soothing of undertows, soft ethereal vocals, floating ghostly over a rippling bed of muted knocking percussions, warm bass pulses, undulating dreamy strums, subtle chiming key drops and resonant wistful guitar flourishes, to conjure up a calm release of melting pent-up tension.

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