WL//WH Video of The Day : TALLEEN ‘The Land’

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Proud grey-bloodhounds of WL//WH came back with a shinning prey in their jaws, here’s Montreal/Quebec’s TALLEEN who published their first ever single on January 15, The Land! Post-punks in a clear amplified mood with knobs turned right and loud like a piece of acknowledged garage rockers, TALLEEN offers a sleazy and angular modern rock first single, which is an anthemic tune to stick to. Digging bass, a dirty-smudgy guitar that hates, a cool but suspicious drummer, the usual low profile mafia on keys, and the first-to-go-in the torn and leading singer who spits his vocals on the mic like a punk. We *F* love it!!! The song is fresh like hot blood in mud, and so damn groovy that we listened to it only twice when we decided that “man, this is on tomorrow, ok?”. Get ready for more in time from TALLEEN, they just saw the white light and birds sing they are getting ready for more, so play loud that damn tune people, this is The Land!

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Written by Loud Cities Mike