WL//WH Track Of The Day : TALK TO HER ‘Zodiac’

Track Of The Day

After the brilliant and pleasantly surprising Starcontrol ‘s debut album from few days ago via Swiss Dark Nights, now it’s time of another young Italian band from Padova, called Talk To Her, to explore and revise the British post-punk / new wave sound of the late ’70s/ early 80s, and to release on March 2 their debut EP titled “Home” via Shyrec.

“Zodiac” drifts along in its intense cohesive way, by a propulsive throbbing post-punkish synth bassline and a pounding drumming, emphasized by stuttering and jagged slices of guitar riffs underpinned by endearing and evocative vocals; “Zodiac” is utterly infectious, sensual and highly danceable, an impressive debut.

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