WL//WH Track Of The Day: TABLERAZ “Luna”

Track Of The Day Tableraz

Hailing from Rennes, Britanny, in the North-West of France, a land very bountiful for dark music (Marquis de Sade, Marc Seberg, Frakture, Wart, Niagara in the 80s, and recently Mode in Gliany, Dead, The Insight), one-man-band Tableraz discloses the first preview from his upcoming debut album “Love”.

An ’80s inspired entrancing and moody mix of angsty post-punk poignancy laced with melodic synth-infused coldwave gloominess, “Luna” triggers relentless whipping beats that throbs along bleak rumbling bassline, pierced by reverb-laden bleeding, at time tensely metallic, guitar melodies, amid densely cold, both winding and sprawling, dramatic synth flows, scattering around intense, distressed male vocals, disclose in a vigorous breathless chant, swept in alluring whispers and expanding echoes, as hypnotic lyrics emphasise “Close your eyes, Dance in the moonlight.”

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