WL//WH Track Of The Day: T H A L “Lose Controle”

Track Of The Day T H A L 

Hayling from Nürnberg, South of Germany, the Post-punk and Darkwave solo project T H A L  has opened his musical account this year with a string of five singles, the latest of which, “Lose Controle”,  shows a constant growth in songwriting quality, resulting equally fresh and nostalgic, recalling, along the usual 80s classic forebearers, the moody urgency from fellow departed countrymen Holygram, with a distinctive baritone tormenting itself out on top the cold, droning and glowing emotional instrumental textures.

“Lose Controle” captures the obsessive thoughts of a lost soul whose fear of losing control leaves him frozen in a liminal realm.

Enshrouded in dense atmospheric wafts of deep melancholy and impending shadows, steady thumping snare beats along with buzzing and throbbing basslines, combined with evocative doomy synth swells and eerie swirls of ethereal guitar melodies echoing hauntingly around detached baritone spoken words, alternating with minimal sad emotions, to release pain, clouded in a hazy chilling horizon of looming dread.

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