WL//WH Track of The Day : System Corporation “Apathy Is Easy”

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On March 16 New Zealand’s alternative rock outfit System Corporation are going to release their new Apathy Is Easy EP/single, following last April’s first debut single Dismal Universal Hiss. Both songs will be included in their anticipated debut album Fiction Dept in 2018 with their new single arriving just in time to give us a second taste of what is to come! System Corporation plays modern and edgy alternative rock, blending their songs with greatly amplified grooves and urban-oriented rock melodies that are already busted in their 2 first singles; they rock loud and they have a clear and trademark sonic standpoint on their music. The new EP/single includes the title song, a radio edit, and the fantastic, alternative electronic remix Apathy Is Easy-Apathetic Mix by Southern Tribe provided by the band’s guitarist Andrew Newth and his side project Southern Tribe. The song is a mid-tempo alternative rock gem with great sound and a solid performance by a band who simply seems that they have it! A good guitar riff which led the musicians to the whole structure alone and a very good and modern arrangement; alternative rock never needed much of imposing tricks to catch the listener’s interest and the band knows that well. On the other hand, the remix is a fantastic and a complete “exercise” on the song mounted upon alternative electronics, keeping the original’s groovy blow while it took it, along with some sort of tribal ambiances, respectively to a new sonic trail.

Here’s Apathy Is Easy, and when the link updates you can check the remix too!

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