WL//WH Track Of The Day: SYNTHESE “Whip Party”

Track Of The Day  SYNTHESE

‘We are a symbiosis of cold electronics and the sensual voice of your inner self’, this is how the Russian duo Synthese describe their New Wave / Synth-Pop sound, at the debut with the eerie and phantasmagorical single “Whip Party” mixed and mastered by Moscow‘s synthesist Minimal Unit, we talked about a few weeks ago, and undoubtedly seems to have given his imprint to the rich and brisk rhythmic patterns.

The German lyrics are written by the singer Ksenia, as a romantic confession that describes a midnight encounter that leads to an all-night funfest filled with erotic games.

Titillating slashing snares, amidst a sizzling and vibrant array of retro muffled percussions, 8-bit FX and sparse crisp knocking hits, along with marching buzzing basslines, throb and snap against mercurial swirling flutters of icy bright synth chords, rambling with playful pleasure and obsessive anxiety around dreamy, bewitching, at times male layered, vocals hypnotizing with sensual allure, fragile angst, and deep echoes to manifest coeval connections of pleasure and desire.

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