WL//WH Track Of The Day: SUN HAZE “Found”

Track Of The Day  SUN HAZE

“Found” is the third single, after the soulful hopelessly romantic vibes ala Mac DeMarco of the debut “Love Letter”, and the closer “VHS memories” wrapped in the muffled lo-fi jangle-dream pop glaze of Captured Tracks heydays or as the title hints early Castlebeat, from the Spanish musician and composer named Sun Haze.

It wouldn’t be at all far-fetched to see the Spaniard involved sooner or later in the Spirit Goth Records catalogue, even if he’s co-founder of the 7 Tapes label in full DIY spirit.

“Found” is a spiritual song about finding meaning and the struggle one must overcome to hold on to this gift, expressed through a lens of doubt, alienation, and loneliness.

Equally obsessive and infectious arpeggiated glistening guitar melodies surf, reverberate, and exhilarate into an unending wistful nostalgic haze over a pulsing shore of warm basslines, steady dry drum patterns and sheer synth washes, to gently immerse soft dusty vocals with comfort and hope.

The young Spanish artist’s approach to the retro ‘dreamgaze’ tropes, tinted with pastel colours and twinkling melancholy, however widely overused, have shown endearing melodic sensibilities and a lush sparkling guitar work; just like the voice, initially buried in the mix, is slowly emerging, hopefully, likewise the sound will be trimmed with new electrifying nuances. Absolutely a tune to add to your summer list.

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