WL//WH Track Of The Day : SUIR “Warsaw”

Track Of The Day

After yesterday’s Visions In Clouds, here is another emerging band on the verge of dropping their sophomore album “Soma” due out October 18th, Vinyl 12″/Cassette and Digital, supported by Manic Depression Records & Events and Black Verb Records, already on pre-order on the group’s bandcamp.

Hailing from Frankfurt-am Main, GermanySuir is a ‘cinematic post-punk’ duo made of Denis Wanic and Lucia Seiss. The minimalistic interaction of guitars and synths cobbled together by relentless drum machines, delivering an intriguing and personal blend of Post-Punk, dark Shoegaze, synth-laden Dark Wave and Coldwave.

The first 3 previews amazingly set the tone for a highly anticipated release, the freaky “Warsaw” is the last one.

Martial and ominous echoing backbeats combined with droning lugubrious and foreboding synths set the unsettling and dismal immersive slow pace revelled in oscured bleakness. Penetrating and mournful guitar leads bursted throughout the song underlay with droning layers of sounds to create an atmosphere loaded with an impending sense of doom and loathing. Beautifully unfurled by the distinctly commanding and hostile vocals laced with rage and hate, and stranded in a storm of sufferance, hostility and fury reveals the true nature of the querent and the violent tendencies that lie ahead.

An heady balance of disturbing viscerality and haunting dissonance, gloomily emotional and utterly enrapturing. 

Suir‘s October/December Album Release Tour will start with the hometown gig in Frankfurt at The Cave on 18th October :


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