WL//WH Track Of The Day : SUGAR VIOLETS “215”

Hailing from San Diego, CA  Sugar Violets is a brand new dream pop / shoegaze noise 2-piece band comprised of clearly guitar and pedals freak, multi-instrumentalist, David Spaceman and vocalist Lashaan Everett, just released their debut single titled “215”. 
Echoing drums and deep bass underlie minimal, taut and hypnotic reverb-infused guitar riffs with sparse moments of fuzzy deranged yet restrained distortions building tension and uncertainty in apparently stark contrast to the beautiful breathy, ethereal and mesmerizing gasps and moans of wistful longing and desire.
In “215” the duo show a distinctive skill in crafting dreamlike and immersive, but at the same time intense and subtly powerful soundscape of blissful infectious vocal melodies and guitar noise drowned in reverb and distortion.
A very promising first step.
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