WL//WH Track Of The Day: SUGAR FOR THE PILL “Falling Back To You”

 Track Of The Day   SUGAR FOR THE PILL   

Although at the debut single, the Greek Shoegaze / Dreampop band Sugar For The Pill was formed in March 2020 by already active players from the Athenian underground indie scene since the turn of the Millennium, as members of bands such as Skinner Box and Dead Buildings, both guitar-driven albeit with more or less prominent post-punk leanings.

Only on the proof of the first song, “Falling Back To You”, the band seem to take their cue from early 90s shoegaze, the most electric Field Mice with some echoes of The Pains of Being Pure At Heart as well, but early-4-AD, Lush and even Interpol hints are lurking around the corner according to the press.

Lyric-wise, a moment of clarity gives rise to melancholy, regret, and shame as the true nature of a deceptive relationship is revealed.

An insistent hip-swaying sullen bass line swaps with the steady rhythmic vibrancy and the dizzying wax and wane of effect-laden electric guitars stretching from entrancing somber riffs to shimmering chiming sweeps, obsessively echoing the sad, remorseful vocals, riding along with captivating wistful harmonies falling helpless through an obsessively resounding emotional tide of empty glittering swells and hopeless dreams.

Sugar For The Pill‘s debut full-length album “Wanderlust” is scheduled to be released in March 2022, on Ltd. Red Vinyl 12″ LP and Digital, through a co-release between Make Me Happy Records (Greece) and Shelflife Records (US).

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