WL//WH Video Of The Day: SUFFER FOOLS “When I was a monster”

Video Of The Day Suffer Fools

Suffer Fools is the solo project of Vancouver Island’s artist Debbie Debased with a fascinating, intense and brazen off-kilter rock sound, made of an intoxicating blend of noisy shoegaze and magnetic dream-pop, dubbed by Debbie himself as ‘trap gaze’.

Suffer Fools has just dropped the 2-tracker ‘i’maclicheblues // when i was a monster’, the third double a-side single ahead of the upcoming debut full-length album later in the year.

While the first song ‘I’maclicheblues’ was already amongst last week indie picks (check here), we could not hold ourselves back from featuring the new video for “When I was a monster”, created by pan.michelle based on the footage shot by Andrew Dergousoff, for ‘your daily dose of apocalyptic dread’.

Anthemic reverb-laden abrasive guitar riffs pierce and soar over low throbbing bassline, littered in slow-paced terse snare beats, as melodic impassioned heartfelt croons erupt in deep emotional pleads, begging to be understood, whilst flashes of distortion burst in metallic bliss.

Narrative lyrics, full of metaphors, irony, and cynicism unravel a tale of fast living, toxic love, and karma, as a man reveals it is not always opposites that attract, “When I saw your forked tongue, that’s when I knew it was love.” 

Vintage video clips of black and white monster madness flow nostalgically across the screen, bringing memorable characters like Godzilla, the Fly, and Nosferatu back into the spotlight for a feature creature homage that will take you back to the days before CGI and into a time when makeup, costume, and theatrical effects made you scream.

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