WL//WH Track Of The Day: STRANGERS FOR LOVE “Like A Libra”

Track Of The Day Strangers For Love

Strangers For Love is the one-man-band project of Italian electronic experimentalist Alessio Di Mezza, based in his machine packed Frosinone‘s home studio, who already peeped out in a couple of tapes on Rengaine Records and She Lost Control together with a 2-tracker on Bandcamp over the last year.

For those into underground electronica known as Religius Order, with an obscure and hypnotizing meshing of techno, wave, acid and industrial sonic elements in addition to three self-released albums under his own birth name, via his, 2014 established, Eufemia label, lying somewhere between deep moody soundscapes and classic cinematic vibes.

Freiburg‘s German independent imprint Reach Another System is going to drop Strangers For Love‘s first physical output in the guise of limited 2-track 7″ single “Like A Libra” (pre-order link), due out on 18 September, 2020, where he channels his influences varying from post-punk, darkwave and shoegaze through his deftly electronic background.

The just-unveiled title track unleashes perfectly synchronized rhythms simmering with energy and conflicting feelings, pierced only by abrasively blistering guitar slivers, in mesmeric ritualistic iterations.

Tinny snares and dull kicks steadily strike the time along winding overdriven bassline gloom, cloaked in swelling misty iridescent synth textures, combining and looping hypnotically in sharp balance, ‘like a libra’, with vigorous guttural chants that fade and flow rhythmically, beneath the excruciating electric haze of raw emotion.

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