WL//WH Track Of The Day : STRANGE PASSAGE “Shouldn’t Be Too Long”

Track Of The Day

Somerville, Massachusetts fine purveyors of emotionally resonant, moody yet energetic, jangle guitar pop Strange Passage, comprised of  Greg Witz (guitar), Ricky Hartman (drums), Andrew Jackmauh (bass) and Renato Montenegro (vocals and guitar) are finally going to release their debut 8-track album “Shouldn’t Be Too Long” due to be released, vinyl/digital, on January 25, 2019 via Syncro System Records.

4-piece’s faraway 2016 debut EP titled “Shine and Scatter” beautifully channelled all their Sarah Records, Dunedin Sound, Felt and The Smiths cues into something fresh, personal and utterly compelling.

In the the title track, lyrics about conspiracies, false blame, and venomous public outcry are embued by insistent, quick tempo, enthralling, sparkling jangly guitar lines that interwine beautifully with deep warm bass and limber drums, combining boundless energy with equal jaunty melodies, over the charming, inflections evoking hidden anxiety, fear, and disappointment in a sad world of misinformed sheeple.

“Shouldn’t Be Too Long” shows the band’s distinctive knack of writing equally poignant and catchy, timeless jangle guitar pop tunes…an album not to be missed.