WL//WH Track Of The Day: STOOP KID “Go Home”

Track Of The Day Stoop Kid

Gazer Tapes is a strictly DIY tape label based out of Turnhout, Belgium , driven by invaluable passion and enthusiasm, that over the last couple of years has dropped a steady bunch of pop genre-spanning brilliant new local bands like Poppel, Pastel Ruins and Tonsils.  

Latest release is the debut EP “Uhm Yeah Sure” by Stoop Kid, the solo moniker of Diest‘s guitarist Jens Rubens, an active musician of the Belgian underground music scene as former member of Coma Commander and  currently part of garage punkers Ero Guro.

4-songs filled with contagious, nuanced, slightly lo-fi, guitar driven bedroom pop sound that strikes all the right chords between dream pop and jangle-pop, and some ‘crazy rhythms’ hints in the more fidgety numbers, with impeccable freshness, urgency and endearing melodic qualities.

In “Go Home” chiming sparkling guitars shimmer with warm intensity and infectious wistful melodies, backed by nimble yet energetic rhythms, adding underlying hints of unease and subdued claustrophobia to the dreamlike meditative flow, as restrained impassive vocals conceal deep sadness, confusion and helplessness aroused by late hypnotic rhythm changes.

Stoop Kid‘s “Uhm Yeah Sure” is out now, on digital, both on Stoop Kid Records / Gazer Tapes Bandcamps, while the cassette is on Pre-Order on the latter due to be shipped on April Fools’ Day. 

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