WL//WH Track Of The Day: STILL YEARS (Feat. Rubee True Fegan) “Dreamhackers”

Track Of The day  STILL YEARS (Feat. Rubee True Fegan)

The enigmatic band of ‘sad punks’ Still Years, formerly Loss of Breath, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico have just dropped their new synth-heavy single “Dreamhackers”, WL//WH is pleased to premiere, this time with the guest backing vocals of Rubee True Fegan to instil a further twist of alluring coolness and ethereality into the mix.

Influenced by a certain melodic and wistful British new wave and synthpop from the ’80s, somewhere between New Order, Modern English and Simple Minds, the band deftly calibrate programmed dance rhythms, throbbing Peter Hook-esque basslines and overflowing dazzling synth chords over forlorn vocalizations perpetually lost in a decadent aura of sombre romance.

The synth-laden “Dreamhackers” is an equally nostalgic and bittersweet dizzying array of lost and lonely icily bright synth melodies, that billow and hover with resounding sparkling melancholy, amidst erratic tight thumping rhythms and off-tempo tinny claps woven with a sneaking deep pulsing bassline, around depressed male vocal’s angsty charm betwixt distant, aloof female echoes swirling in isolated dimensions.

Cryptic lyrics unveil a moody, disconnected state of existence marred by ghosts, long-distance discomfort, and general fatalistic malaise, where solace lies in cigarettes, the apocalypse, and dreams of “planes without plagues.”

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