WL//WH Track Of The Day: СТЕРЕОПОЛИНА [Stereopolina] “Солнечный мальчик / Sunny Boy”

Track Of The Day СТЕРЕОПОЛИНА [Stereopolina]

It’s nearly from the early stages, at the time of the first album “Crepuscolar Zone” and the amazingПоезда, that I follow and deeply enjoy the steadily artistic evolution of the one-woman-project of Kazan-bred, Saint-Petersburg based artist Karina Abdulkayumova, a.k.a. Stereopolina [СТЕРЕОПОЛИНА], with a growing cult following at home, while she’s is starting to be noticed nearby even by some established sites.

100% home-made, alluringly lo-fi permeated of distinctive ‘Russian sadness’, extremely danceable and catchy, retro-tinged synthpop, not obvious, yet deeper than it might seem from its sparkling surface, enriched by vintage cinematic aestheticism and always intriguingly disturbing lyrics, from time to time pull all her influences from darkwave, electroclash, trip-hop, new wave, post-punk and minimal synth, ceaselessly exuding tantalizing playfulness and poignant emotions, while casting underlying unsettling wistful moods with a dark edge, for an entrancing, dangerous, and a truly rewarding listen.

Not unlike the brand new single “Солнечный мальчик / Sunny Boy”, one of her most apparently upbeat so far, that deals with desperate lyrics to explore a one-sided relationship consumed by pain and obsession.

Brisk hypnotic bassline bounces ceaselessly propelled by lashing and punchy beats, interspersed by concise rolling thuds, whilst rambling radiant synths lines swirl atop in sync with confident sassy female vocals tease insincere goodbyes into the spinning emotional deception.

A carefully DIY constructed subtly cutting-edge fragment of nostalgic and compelling synthpop goodness.

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