WL//WH Track Of The Day: STEREOCCULT “Everyday Is The End Of The World”

Track Of The Day STEREOCCULT  

Intercepted by the prompt notification from the good Mike, Post-Punk five-piece band Stereoccult based in Houston, Texas, rather fresh from last February’s debut album, “Melodic Transference”, have just dropped the brand new single “Everyday Is The End Of The World”, possibly one of their best releases so far.

Stereoccult deliver a striking combination of 80s Post-Punk and Gothic Rock laced with Alternative hues and Punk vibrance, echoing The Chameleons, Killing Joke, the Sisters of Mercy, and, more recently, Grave Pleasures/Beastmilk and Then Comes Silence, to craft a catchy, vibrant, yet atmospherically menacing dark sound, built on a seamless juxtaposition between darkness and light, through propulsive drums, hefty bass pulses, abrasive and edgy guitars and magnetic, impassioned vocalizations, to burst forth poignant and heartfelt obscure emotions.

The apocalyptic “Everyday Is The End Of The World”, lyric-wise, fights the mayhem and darkness of a modern dystopic world to rise from the shadows and come alive.

Tumbling steady drum beats stomp hypnotically along a droning bassline, layered with distorted razor-sharp riffs pierced with obsessive ringing ripples spiralling into edgy buzzing disarray, to scratch bleak atmospheric wastelands, whilst emotional-filled tormented vocals drop frustrating anxiety, harsh angry echoes, and haunted desperate fears into a palpitating surge of stabbing tensions.

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