WL//WH Track Of The Day: STELLA SLEEPS “Avalanche”

Track Of The Day  Stella Sleeps  

The dark and dreamy post-punk newcomer, Stella Sleeps, hailing from the cold woods of Sweden, embraces his inner mope wavering between shiny shoegaze textures, contemplative dreampop atmospherics and brooding post-punk gloom in the emotionally ridden debut single “Avalanche”, built on the intensity of the evocative melodic guitar work to weave, both immersive and heart-rending, suspended unflinching moods of swirling, boundless melancholy combined with the Scandinavian charm of captivating sullen harmonies.

Stella Sleeps debut single “Avalanche” is laced with poetic lyrics that reflect on the interconnected pathways of the past, dread, and illusions, using metaphor and sentient emotion as they stand frozen in time.

Urgent agonizing searing guitar whines, underpinned by brisk off-tempo rhythms and hearty pinpoint bass pulses, ruffled by a brittle, teeming hazy weave of glistening guitar melodies, wander and desperately surge injecting piercing layers of aching disconnection, echoing morose, withdrawn vocals release of fading strings of hopeless dreams into the isolated fear of shame and sorrow.

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