WL//WH Track Of The Day: STATUARY “Forget Me”

Track Of The Day STATUARY  

Declaring themselves ‘New Wave/ Post Punk from Nowhere’, Bloomington, Indiana based duo STATUARY clearly show instead, in all the five tracks until now delivered since the start of February, stylistic similarities that span back to late-70s/early-80s dark moody classic sound a la Joy Division, steeped in a rippling and drowning pool of somber and painful emotions.

“Forget Me”, with the last “The Clock” and “Camera Lucida” amongst my favourites, is the most atmospheric, blurred and somehow stifling of the lot, where the usually sparkling evocative guitar chords, if any, are in the background

A swelling gauzy haze coaxed by icily, glaring neon synth beams, imbued with decaying wistfulness, amidst propulsive lashing off-tempo-beats, scattered in swift, sparse, both muffled and crispy percussive patterns, fluctuate to pierce the bleak obscurity somberly induced by Peter-Hookish bassline relentlessly wanders and gurgles adrift in a sea of profound melancholy, whilst distant and despondent male vocals mumble suffocated pain and anguish into the fearful blinding nostalgia of letting go.

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