WL//WH Track Of The Day: SPUNSUGAR “Skin Unwell”

Track Of The Day Spunsugar

Spunsugar, the Swedish multifaceted Alternative Rock trio based in Malmö, has stood out with a bold knack for adding, to their early noisy shoegazing foundations, a mutant array of sonic nuances and playing with contrasts, to create a compelling rich melange built on mainly 90s-rooted styles of resonant intensity and strong melodic sensibilities, where evocative and introspective moods oppose with harsh and caustic tones, in a seamless alternation between noise and harmony, anger and sweetness.

The band is back, after a long hiatus since October 2021‘s EP “Things That I Confuse”, as usual deftly shuffling the cards amid nostalgia and aggression, with the kaleidoscopic heady new single “Skin Unwell”  via Adrian Recordings.

Introspective lyrics illuminate the paradox of a lost soul who suffers from being extremely clever whilst always lagging three steps behind the others.

Once more made of a phantasmagorical sparkling entanglement of sound suggestions that spark off a massive whirlwind of bittersweet emotions that pound and stagger through a crisp and neat drum programming along with broody humming basslines, and snappy poignant guitar echoes, topped by melancholic glowing synth flutters, whilst sad, heartfelt angsty vocals long in mercurial moods of alienation, swaying amid reflective nostalgic visions and soaring epic chaotic outbursts in a dizzying juxtaposition, swathed in fuzzy abrasive riffs with a rugged hard-rock edge.

Synth-driven Dream Rock? Possibly… Post-Punk? Shoegaze? slight hints of both, maybe even some sludgy Hard Rock even Prog?… To hell with labels…what really matters is that it is all very Spunsugaresque.

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photo: david möller