WL//WH Track Of The Day: SPIRITUAL SLUM “Close Your Eyes”

Track Of The Day  Spiritual Slum

Reaching his third EP, “Wasting Time”, interspersed with last July’s debut album, “Broken World”, in a truly hectic creative year, one man band from Melbourne, Spiritual Slum, imbued by a digging devotion for vintage synthesizers and drum machines, creates icy, forsaken, and angsty spacey synth fanfares that unfurl and swirl against a brooding, at times frenzied and dancing backdrop of raw erratic rhythmic patterns and sinister buzzing low ends, to drag into inexorably remote looming chasms of a shattered and disconnected society, through a murky emotional sci-fi tinged journey in search for a collective strength from another dimension to lend healing and hope.

The haunting and turbulent “Close Your Eyes” unfolds strained bleeds of sheer synth flutters that wind their way with chilly alienated dread, stabbed by ragged thumping beatbox rhythmic throbbings and gloomy droning basslines, whilst haunted, fearful baritone vocals emerge wearily from a heavily shaded state to swerve painfully into an emotive catharsis of spectral melancholy and torment.

Six stark, stripped-down and heartbreaking synth-smeared Dark Wave shards cloaked in a relentless spleen of monochromatic melancholia, seeping of agonizing intimacy and lonely isolation.

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