WL//WH Track Of The Day: SPHERES “Your Kiss”

Track Of The Day Spheres

With a coldwave sound borrowed from the lineage of 80s luminaries as The Cure, Joy Division, Xmal Deutschland, more recently revisited by Lebanon Hannover, the brand new-formed Berlin-based side-project, called SPHERES, from formerly half of Monowelt, Daria Lere (also known as Leere), with the collaboration of bassist/guitarist Ruffo, has just debuted with a 5-track S/T EP.

Icy, minimalistic, distant, and enticing coldwave, extremely restless and intimate, that conjure up despair, melancholy and dark romanticism, seeping deeply into the listener’s emotional sphere.

“Your Kiss” unleashes bleak deep pulsing rubbery baseline that alluringly warbles and winds along with simmering ominous intensity underscored by skeletal and repetitive rhythms, scattered with plaintive piano notes and remote glacial synth echoes, delving deeper into introspective and brooding darker realm of shattered dreams and loneliness, whilst abrasive yet restrained guitar riffs bleed over desperate, icy, funereal croons of aching longing rife with infinite sadness and disillusionment.

A solid and seductive start, just waiting to be nuanced with further sonic shades of black.

This past weekend the Russia-born artist has dropped under her main LEERE moniker a 6-tracker, titled “Ljod”, of her distinctive, gloomy and immersive, ‘post-industrial apocalyptic darkwave’. Check it out!

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