WL//WH Track Of The Day: SPACE DAZE “Maybe Not”

Track Of The Day  Space Daze  

Delicious new single, wrapped in elegiac heartache, and lost in a lethargic daydream of bedroom pop craftsmanship from Space Daze, the alter ego of Seattle-based singer, songwriter and guitarist of noise-pop outfit Seapony, Danny Rowland that radiates pale and warm sunlit breezes, flickering with pensive blurry nostalgia as in these languid days of summer’s end.

A mesmeric and stirring blend of introspective folk, sun-dappled indie-pop, gently dusted with faded psychedelia, “Maybe Not”, at times echoing early Bon Iver without the ambient effect and the reiterations of Josè Gonzalez, hypnotically swings on the spiral of delicate yet vibrant, insinuating plucked and strummed semi-acoustic guitar melodies, interlaced with wistful keyboard whirring swells and reedy swirls, whilst smooth, angsty breathes secretly share shifting ruminations about an approaching romantic encounter.

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