WL//WH Track Of The Day : Soviet X-Ray Record Club “Weekend”

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Starting with their appealing name, the Australian, actually, 4-piece band hailing from Brisbane, Soviet X-Ray Record Club, made of Steven Appleton (vocals/guitar), Leith Jacobs (drums), Shaun Paton (keys/backup vocals), and Kurt Pitman (bass), have always lured me, since from their debut full length “Wake” in 2015, with their effective and intriguing mix of post-punk, dreampop and shoegaze. Perhaps just not enough gloomy for some and not enough distorted for others, they did not get as much coverage as they deserve, the first preview of their forthcoming sophomore, yet untitled, album is more than promising, hopefully things could change very soon.

“Weekend” enconpasses all the best bits of their mature songwriting, everytime rediscovered, refined and, cautiously, reinvented, propelled by those irresistibly smooth, pulsating bass line that comes in and out and stuck in your head and never go away, entwined with melodic and sweeping subtle keyboard washes and reverbed guitar layers, to create an intense and enthralling atmosphere suspended between surface enticing beauty and darker edges, fed by at the same time epic and melancholic vocals, showing , once again, a band with an unique knack for crafting noisey, dark, highly emotional, danceable, post-punk bliss. 

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