WL//WH Track Of The Day: SORENESS “Black Widows”

Track Of The Day  Soreness

Portuguese Post-Punk/Coldwave project Soreness based in Loulé, Algarve, comprised of multi-instrumentalist David Sabino & lyricist and vocalist Miguel Roque, is back with their third single “Black Widows / Sins”, ‘two more obscure tracks inspired by the ghosts of the past, present and future ended the cycle of one year of existence’.

A minimalistic yet dense and atmospheric take on the 80s UK post-punk dripping with unhinged raw dark energy, through an intense brew of bleak sneaking bass pulses, frozen swirling synth chords and pounding mechanical rhythms over forsaken reverberated vocals brooding in despair and alienation.

Poetic lyrics use frightening metaphors to establish a relentless momentum of apocalyptic ruin at the treacherous hands of the ‘Black Widows.’

The hollow clatter of an urgent drum machine laces with relentless martial whipping beats, charged by the ominously throbbing and gurgling bassline, to create a hallucinogenic, hypnotic atmosphere of hopeless and claustrophobic doom haunted by icily eerie Joy Division-esque liquid synth chords, swirling and drifting with dramatic surges over sullen, robotically chanting vocals oppressed and trapped in the ruthless yet silky tendrils of the consumerist society’s Black Widow’s web.

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