WL//WH Track Of The Day : SOMETHING OBSCURA “Timeless”


Peruvian elusive one man band Something Obscura based out of Lima, is the most urgent and visceral project I have listened to over the last few months, a minimal mix of dark and reverbed shoegaze atmospherics with the gray melancholy of post-punk, profoundly inspired by personal turmoil and depression.

“Timeless”, the title track from last week 3-track EP, a new one, “199X: Vol. I”, has been dropped yesterday, deals with themes of emptiness, isolation and fear. The sombre absolutely detached voice in a decaying gasp, over gloomy and mournful chiming chorus-effected guitar chords and repetitive synthetic beats, is in stark contrast with the excruciating sense of desolation, loneliness and depression of his words. He is truly alone with nowhere to go, no hope for the future…completely deserted.

Intensely suggestive and disturbing, but above all a genuine and dramatic in-depth delve into the darkness of the soul.

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