Track Of The Day  softlightsymphony   

softlightsymphony is a collaborative Dreampop/Dreamgaze studio project based in the shadow of Hartford, Connecticut, fresh from dropping their second single, “Find You”,  featuring, once again,  Andrea Lynn (Iceblynk) on lyrics/vocals and Alex Cox (The Veldt) on bass.

softlightsymphony crafts a spacious, sensorial and iridescent atmospheric guitar-laden sound, equally soothing and reflective, emphasizing both the dreamy and the melodious side of the beloved The Cocteau Twins and The Sundays, stretching out amidst lulling refracting chords, willowy bass palpitations and stumbling, hypnotic rhythms, to nest comfortably at the Dreampop edge of the Shoegaze spectrum, adorned with Andrea‘s clean, flowing and buoyant vocal delivery, to pull at the familiar heartstrings that the aforementioned bands used to consistently pluck.

A song about a friendly soul who vows to pull a loved one out of an endless introspection across a lens of love, kindness, and healing, “Find You” trips through emotional vocals floating on lush shimmering and rippling layers of reverberating guitar melodies, sparkling resonances, and warm humming basslines, to alternate beautiful crystalline harmonies with submerged longing, evoking uplifting moods of hope and compassion.

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