WL//WH Track Of The Day : SOFT TOUCH “Better Now”

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Today (December 14 ) Soft Touch from Detroit-Michigan published his brand new ‘Exercise In Futility’ 11 track LP following last years debut ‘Maybe Something, Maybe Nothing’ LP. The new record is a blend of synthetic post punk, with spices of foggy and a bit of shoegaze well hidden dust, along with dream pop melodies and all in a good production. We chose ‘Better Now’ track to recommend, because it’s the most representative of the LP and his music in general, a synth pop tune that sounds uplifting in its dream pop vocals with a positive melancholy in front, and a little foggy in its wet reverbs and hall effects. The song is mostly arranged for dancing but can also fit excellent in the car drive or on radio, a 3 minutes and 24 seconds of stardust, directly looking at the glorious 90’s days of alternative electronic pop. That’s how the song put us in the mood but there’s one more thing about the artist which made us grandly applause him, the few lines he put on his bandcamp page that we copy here without further explanation, it’s a quote by Roy Scranton:

Across the world today, our actions testify to our belief that we can go on like this forever, burning oil, poisoning the seas, killing off other species, pumping carbon into the air, ignoring the ominous silence of our coal mine canaries in favor of the unending robotic tweets of our new digital imaginarium. Yet the reality of global climate change is going to keep intruding on our fantasies of perpetual growth, permanent innovation and endless energy, just as the reality of mortality shocks our casual faith in permanence.


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Written by Loud Cities Mike