WL//WH Track Of The Day: SMALL PLANETS “Tonight”

Track Of The Day Small Planets

Born in 2015 after attending an inspirational Slowdive show at the Ace Theater, genre-defying 5-piece Small Planets, based in the Los Angeles/Long Beach area, have just unveiled their self-titled debut album.

Defined by the band “a love letter to the post-punk genre”, the collection of eleven songs actually blend additional different sonic elements spanning from dream pop, shoegaze, post-rock, and new wave, building seductively intense and emotional soundscapes bursting with both energetic yet introspective, pure impassioned fervor combined with strong melodic sensibility.

The deliciously captivating “Tonight”, my favorite along with “Breathe”, harnesses its emotive and evocative flair from an invigorating array of propulsive drums and deep somber throbbing post-punkish bassline, that winds its way with hypnotic and dreamlike intensity as sparse reverb-filled achingly searing guitar leads and icy clear swells of mournful synth melodies encapsulate a delicately angsty and dramatic mood nestled in sad nostalgic anxious vocals, lost in longing and regret, helplessly plead for “one more night” before saying goodbye over a lost love.

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