WL//WH Track Of The Day: SMALL BOY “Bobby Go Home”

Track Of The Day Small Boy 

Discovered too late to be included in last week’s highlights, “Bobby Go Home” is the winsome debut single, taken from the upcoming EP set to release spring 2021, from Norwegian synth-infused indie-rock band based in Oslo, Small Boy, lead by vocalist/keyboardist Daniel Lien and guitarist Daniel Eriksen.

An invigorating array of ’80s tinged shiny organic synth swirls, rippling by frissons of shimmering and penetrating guitar flourishes over atmospheric vocals, that ebb and flow in a dizzying head rush of introspective emotion.

Retro liquid Steve Winwood-esque keyboard intro fades into brisky off-tempo drum beats along with crawling bassline’s vibrant winding syncopated throb, weaving bright warm synth swathes, pierced by reverb-stained poignant guitar melodies that jangle, glisten, and soaringly flicker around exasperated, powerfully uplifting male vocals floating anxiously through the tumultuous gap of unfulfilled dreams.

A stirring debut that blurs the boundaries between light and shade, steeped in profound heartfelt melancholy.

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