WL//WH Track Of The Day: SLOW SALVATION “Japan”


Authors of one of the most immaculately elegant and contemplative Dream Pop albums of the past year, Slow Salvation, the cross-country North American collaborative project of  Travis Trevisan (Tape Deck Mountain) and Christina Hernandez (Orion Lake), returns with a new single, “Japan”, once again via  Velvet Blue Music, as if to make us remember the likely, alas as it always happens, underestimation in the year-end summaries.

Glimmers of Slowdive, both the album and the single are meticulously mastered by Simon Scott, Mazzy Star, Low,  Cowboy Junkies, and the more recent Cigarettes After Sex pervades the band’s lush, gliding and shimmery mesh of Dreampop and Shoegaze with bewitching, vaguely psychedelic, haunting shades and smokey Lynchian atmospheres, built on whispered seductive voices, reverberated and delayed spectral guitar strings and martial percussions, sensuous and romantic at the same time.

Delicate and desolate in equal measures, an ethereal shadowy journey across time and space combined with an intense and intimate exploration of human emotions, “Japan” is about breaking away from relationships that weigh you down.

Driven by steady slowed drum beats, the song cradles sombrely on the insistent, lonesome and resonant strings of a poignant and lethargic arpeggio layered with hazy twangs, fluid keyboard overlays and sparkling reverberating interplays, wrapping in a hazy languid dizzyness of agonizing emotions drifting in unison with enveloping soft numb and aching female vocals, haloed in featherlight male whispers.

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