WL//WH Track Of The Day: SLEEPWALK “Swivel”

Track Of The Day  Sleepwalk

Chicago based, post-punk and grunge inflected, shoegaze 4-piece Sleepwalk, made up of Ryan Davis (guitar, vox), Mike Kennedy (guitar), Dave Jedlecki (bass) and Steve Burton (drums), following last year brilliant sophomore full-length “Splatter” via Mexican label Emma’s House Records, are back into the fold with a new track included in the Split 7″ vinyl single with fellow noisemakers Wet Tropics via local label Still Chill Records.

A dark tumultuous cacophony that harnesses both noise and beauty, chaos and calm, “Swivel” unveils pending tense, atmospheric guitar drones soaked in reverb and flange, pervaded by a flourishing simmer of cymbals, put in motion by thumping sturdy drums combined with dense bassline and searing whirring distorted riffs that layer underneath to create effortlessly bleak and shadowy flurries of hazy and mournful restrained noise that build and disintegrate over pained, monotonously aloof vocals, increasingly submerged by towering turbulent sonic waves that crush constantly on the brink of overflowing into the dim deep precipice of the cold, desolate, endless night of a cursed and twisted soul longing to be freed from a troubled past.

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