WL//WH Track Of The Day: SÍSIFO “M”

WL//WH Track Of The Day Sísifo

Gripping first single from the Mexican 4-piece band based in Puebla, Sísifo, who seize with the powerful “M” the classic anthemic and brooding Post-punk energy, enriched with lyrical poetry about depressing modern living and personal afflictions.

“M” is a song born from the depths of despair, a reminder of the pain of rejection. The lyrics are a reflection of a love gone wrong, of emptiness and absurd reality, which hurts when the masks fall off.

A heady and poignant slab of vibrant and buzzing pain-filled Post-punk laced with dire mournful moods, driven by pounding marching beats, along with lithe, throbbing basslines and abrasive, droning guitar riffs, to swirl and ring in distorted frequencies over intense heartfelt vocals, drawing painful breaths of abandonment from the empty depths of despair, to invoke strength and insight from the chaotic darkness of shattered lovelorn dreams.

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