WL//WH Track Of The Day : SINCE ALWAYS “We Still Know How To Dream”

Track Of The Day

I left the Houston, Texas band Since Always, comprised of Laila Mendoza (Vocals / Guitar / Lyrics) and Jonah Perez (Guitars / Bass / Drums / Synths / Backing Vocals) with drummer Josh Cano, almost exactly three years ago with their promising, still to be refined, debut full length “Consequences”, with a fresh dreamgaze sound that blended various influences from grunge, to post-rock and post-punk.

The surprising, recently released, new single “We Still Know How To Dream”, once again is proof of a band of great potential with the ability to craft a brilliant alternation of melody and noise, distorted guitar and dream-like soundscapes, with references to Smashing Pumpkins’ “Siamese Dream” era, driven by crisp throbbing post-punkish bass lines, shimmering guitar lines and emotionally fuelled by the sublime Laila’s vocals that ebbs and flows with the instruments’ floating tones, from coarse and yearning to apparently smooth and sad, resulting in an intense and vibrant atmosphere of delicacy and energy, sweetness and angst, melancholy and longing, a persuasive and thrilling way to set the tone for their upcoming sophomore album.

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