WL//WH Track Of The Day: SIMON MINÓ “Le Mistral”

Track Of The Day  Simon Minó

Singer of Swedish post-punk band RA, whom many of you should remember for a promising debut album “Scandinavia” from now almost 7 years ago, a unit that in some way has always flirted with electronics, Malmö-bred Simon Minó, relocated to Paris, has started to explore obscure yet shimmering, as intriguing yet haunted synth-laden domains through a minimal and analog approach, under the precious advice of the eclectic producer-musician Sidney Vallette, also at the mastering helm, laced with a deep knack for building emotional-ridden, at times sinister and cinematic, introspective soundscapes, hovering between Synth Wave and Post-punk, whilst enhanced by a retro flair and edgy heartfelt vocalizations.

Following last April’s highly promising first full-length LP, “Alma / Flora”, Simon is ready to confirm and develop the positive feedback received with the new single, “Le Mistral”, taken from his upcoming EP scheduled to be released, via Parisian independent label  Valentina Archives, on February 10th 2022.

Taking its name from the impetuous wind blowing over Provence during autumn, Minó’s song deals with dismal, lonely lyrics that long to feel love again amidst a decaying relationship.

Obsessively buzzing and rippling bass loops relentlessly sway and stab the weary wounds of a longing lovelorn soul, slowly strewn by the forsaken wailing wanders of swelling icy synth drifts, amidst crispy dry percussive patterns, pierced by shiny stacks of wistful twinkling chords, around tortured, emotive vocals falling painfully through haunted memories and seductive whispers into a bleak, grave, and cold downward spiral of despair.

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