WL//WH Track Of The Day: SILVER CORD “Without You”

Track Of The Day  SILVER CORD

Silver Cord is an enigmatic solo project from Covington, Louisiana, which crafts lush, synthesized lovelorn balladry imbued with the bittersweet romance of the Synth Wave/Synth-Pop from the ’80s, where a striking and stirring blanket of synths and arpeggiators brace, without stealing the scene, a superb gripping vocal delivery, weighty with heartfelt emotions.

The latest of the string of eight tracks, almost fit for a full album, on Silver Cord’s Soundcloud over the last 8 months, “Without You”, deals with a suffering soul who is having a hard time accepting the reality that a loved one is gone.

The song bounces on a steady clanging drum programming along with prominent hiccupping bass throbs, layered by a blazing swirling web of arpeggiated emotive synth lines, giving way to snappy twinkly dramatic pluck chimes and sad whirring strings, to reverberate rich melancholic vocals, aching with pain and emptiness, whilst longing for an another.


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