WL//WH Track Of The Day: SICAYDA “Caught in the Rain”

Track Of The Day Sicayda

After a very productive and satisfying 2019 with, amongst other things, the release of their promising debut EP “Sown”, Canadian 4-piece Sicayda, based in Toronto, comprised of Marcos Villar (Guitar, Vocals), Kevin Tipan (Guitar, Vocals), Ian Fragomeni (Drums) and Zachary Clarke (Bass), kick off the new year with a brand new single, “Caught in the Rain”, and some sonic innovations, sign of a band constantly evolving. 

The quartet’s well-balanced and creative 90s-tinged, guitar-driven clash between shoegaze melodious atmospherics and noise-rock abrasion, with grungey undertones, gets heavier and more vigorous with the addition of lysergic nuances, where the riveting vocalizations stand out.

“Caught in the Rain” is a dynamic, dense and emotion-charged powerhouse of guitar-laden sound, bursting and seething with a swirling combination of insistent, vigorous rhythms and turbulent, reverb-infused, blistering distorted riffs, cut with fuzzy psychedelic wooziness, that writhe, twist and stretch out with claustrophobic introspective energy, replete with subtle melodicism, against far away dreamily delusional vocals shift to angry vengeful loathings, surrounded by heart-breaking crying laments, to evoke a deeply sorrowful perplexed disharmony of trapped unrelenting pain.

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photo by tempsoscuro