WL//WH Track Of The Day: SHIPS IN THE NIGHT “When I Was Found”

Track Of The Day  Ships In The Night

North American songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Alethea Leventhal, AKA Ships In The Night, gives us a soothing and immersive summer song, “When I Was Found”, albeit with subtly lingering unrest, to relieve our canicular heat, the first preview from a still to be announced album, scheduled to be released later in the year.

The candid and fragile, at the same time emotional and mesmerizing Alethea‘s voice infuses intrigue and incantation laced with pensive sentiments and nocturnal, suffused spells, always capable to strike the most inner emotive chords, seamlessly blending with dynamic, sometimes dancing rhythms, and enveloping flows of haunting and ethereal synthetic melodies with a dark seductive edge.

The highly evocative atmospheric dream-pop offering “When I Was Found”, rife with poetic lyrics that introspect on the healing properties of time, unravels repetitive, swaying soft rhythmic patterns to underpin warm, rarefied, lush synth pads with hissing smears, sinuously floating and swelling, to culminate in wistful keyboard chimes, gently enshrouding airy, breathless and melancholic female vocals, hanging hypnotically to refract heartfelt fear and shame into the uplifting winds of hope.

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