WL//WH Track Of The Day : SHEER “Glimpse”

Track Of The Day Sheer

Following ‘Psychic Quarry’ EP back in 2017, that signed also a lineup change, Californian 4-piece Sheer, based out of Simi Valley, are back with a new single “Glimpse”, weaving heady gauzy dream-pop with blissed out shoegaze distortions. 

“Glimpse” glistens jauntily in lush and uplifting emotions. A robust rhythm section underlies sparkling, pristine guitar melodies, that radiate melting rays of longing and desire throughout, as soar effortlessly, effusing simmering intensity and brilliance, around wistful, dreamy, warm vocal harmonies oozing wonder, nostalgia and the ‘wishful thinking’ that a bored, ordinary life could turn upside down with a single ‘glimpse’.

At its heart and soul, a fragile, bright song of loss, hope and freedom.

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